Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007

hey you! hurray! #21

1. slow down tallahassee - candy [00:00]
2. the weather - in denial [02:35]
3. stars in coma - revanche [05:55]
4. elenette - jag hatar män [09:46]
5. ninja academy - jungle wabbit [14:26]
6. the golden revelry - curtains [16:45]
7. tartufi - if we had daggers they would fly [19:45]
8. the veils - advice for young mothers to be [25:26]
9. a toys orchestra - cornice dance [28:47]
10. summer cats - discotheque [32:28]
11. the jakpot - turning point [34:26]
12. andrew bird - heretics [37:45]
13. blübird - the way you thought it was [41:14]
14. dobbelmono - wake up [44:23]
15. operator please - waiting by the car [47:19]
16. monotekktoni - too many crazies [50:12]

download #21 [mp3, 78 mb, 54:33 min]

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Suzy (Gast) - 21. Apr, 10:53

It's spooky how clev

It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thnsak!

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ramalama gabba gabba punk pop heaven

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hey you! hurray! sind die regelmäßigen Mixes. Die bestehen ausschließlich aus außerordentlich großartigen und frei verfügbaren, von Bands/Labels veröffentlichten Mp3s. Kein Fokus auf Genres.

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