Freitag, 20. April 2007

hey you! hurray! #20

es wurde mal wieder zeit:

1. low - breaker [00:00]
2. shout out out out out - dude you feel electrical [02:43]
3. the electric soft parade - if that's the case then i don't know [08:50]
4. we all have hooks for hands - hold on, c'mon [13:30]
5. the couriers - every exit an entrance [17:45]
6. thomas lunch - tator tots and robots [23:42]
7. the charade - my song to you [27:02]
8. dýrðin - popp og co [29:39]
9. goodnight monsters - 20 fingers 20 toes [31:52]
10. spielerfrau - collar [34:40]
11. the sterns - supreme girl [37:24]
12. little man tate - what? what you got? [39:51]
13. peter elkas - wall of fire [43:20]
14. cut off your hands - you and i [46:54]
15. beat the devil - shine in exile [49:07]
16. pete and the pirates - come on feet [52:46]

download #20 [mp3, 79 mb, 54:49 min]

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Georg Pétur (Gast) - 29. Apr, 20:26


Dýrðin is a very promising band and popp og co is simoly a brilliant song.

Marylouise (Gast) - 21. Apr, 12:11

I'm not quite sure h

I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it exetmerly easy for me!

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Keyon (Gast) - 21. Apr, 17:45

Heck yeah this is ex

Heck yeah this is extlacy what I needed.

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