Sonntag, 19. November 2006

hey you! hurray! #13

nummer 13, ein stunt zwischen 8 bit-rave-wahnsinn, singer-songwriter-kram, indie, pop, art punk und electronic rock. ich liebe schubladen.

1. the dead science - threnody [00:00]
2. taigaa! - ennui ennui catastrophe [03:38]
3. diet kong - lines and lines [06:22]
4. alice stopkoski - drymouth [10:25]
5. sslyby - lower the gas prices, hwd. johnson [15:14]
6. the low hello - nostalgia makes confusion [18:06]
7. saturday people - slipping through your fingertips [21:17]
8. lycaon pictus - death disco [23:43]
9. bodenständig 2000 - in rock 8bit [26:48]
10. dub narcotic sound system - you fuck me up [30:30]
11. the more assured - all in your head [36:54]
12. mistakes - waiting for the cops [40:23]
13. brother reverend - wish i was here [43:46]
14. hula - please [46:12]

download [mp3, 73 mb, 50:44 min]

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sunil sawani (Gast) - 16. Jan, 04:21

hi! hej? hey!

hey you! hurray! thank you for putting us on a mix. i speak no german. or is it dutch? or another language? but thanks!

heyyou - 16. Jan, 11:26

thank you! you're right, it's written in german.
Millicent (Gast) - 21. Apr, 11:49

Thanks for the instg

Thanks for the instghi. It brings light into the dark!

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ramalama gabba gabba punk pop heaven

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